Mr. Pakistan Silver Medalist / EBFF Silver Medalist / International Certified Nutritionist / Muscle-mania Silver Medalist

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Omer Chaudhary is a certified nutrition specialist and an international Fitness Trainer who aims to transform people’s bodies and lives through his workout routines and diet plans. With his service, he has contributed noticeably to the fitness culture. Walking away with the silver medals for EBFF Dubai 2018 and Muscle Mania 2018 and many other fitness awards, along with sponsorship including Vade Nutrition USA and Sukh Chan Wellness Club PK, Omer plans further to spread the fitness trend worldwide.


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The exercise routines that I will construct for you according to your requirements will also include useful information such as how to gain strength, how to lose fat and how to save your muscle using different techniques of modern-world bodybuilding as well as the best timings for your workout routines. We will focus on smart and targeted exercises which means there will be no over-training. Maximum gains, less worries!


I will provide you complete guidance about your diet throughout the process which will include information about specialized nutrition, managing proteins and supplement intakes. Together, we will construct an effective diet plan which will be customized according to your body type for the best results. Your cheat meals will be customized as well according to your body and skin type.


The personal training that I will provide will not only focus on how to achieve a good body, but also a healthy body. We will work on your overall health improvements and keep a track on your progress along the journey. We will go in detail as to what regions of your body need more attention in order to have a balanced physique from head to toe, both internally and externally.


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1-Day Plan
  • Meal Plans
  • Workout Videos
  • Exercise Regime
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Home Plan

Rs 15K-40k
3-Months Plan
  • For Busy Routines
  • Overall Fitness
  • 3 Meal Plan
  • Simple & Easy

Shred Plan

From 15K-40k
3-Months Plan
  • Lean Muscular
  • Perfect 6 Pack Abs
  • Beach Body
  • Fat Loss

Bulk Plan

From 15K-40k
3-Months Plan
  • Weight & Muscle Gain
  • Size Building Science
  • Strength & Power
  • Stamina Building

Personal Plan

Rs 50K
Personal Trainer
  • Better improvements
  • Variety of workouts
  • Reach your goals
  • --------------

Frequently asked questions

No, doing sit-ups or crunches alone will not give you a six pack. Chances are you already have a six pack; it’s just covered with a layer of fat. Cardio combined with a good healthy nutritional intake (as outlined over these chapters) and selective abdominal exercises (2-3 times per week) will give you a six pack.

No, females do not have the amount of testosterone necessary to build “big” muscles quickly like men unless they are following a proper exercise and nutritional regime customized for muscle gain.

Eating six smaller, bodybuilder-friendly meals a day rather than 3-4 larger meals is an absolute must for those who are serious about adding muscle. Frequent eating spread throughout your waking hours encourages the body to store greater amounts of carbohydrates within muscles

Yes it will boost your metabolism. Kidney will function properly and you will lose more calories and fat

No, providing you do at least one whole body work out once per week and maintain a healthy eating plan and eradicating carbohydrates in your last meal.

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With over a decade of experience in the fitness world along with national as well as international collaborations and trainings, Omer Chaudhary has, for the first time in Pakistan, launched a platform where one can have access to customized training and meal plans without having to spend a large amount of money. After training and successfully transforming a number of celebrities and athletes, Omer is now providing services as Fitness Trainer that are going to be easily accessible to anyone, through which he aims to inspire more and more people to adopt the fitness culture. (Source 01)

Mr. Pakistan Silver Medalist / EBFF Silver Medalist / International Certified Nutritionist / Muscle-mania Silver Medalist

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