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Based in Lahore PK, Omer Chaudhary is a certified nutrition specialist and an international fitness influences. Omer also holds a degree for Software Engineering, but chose to focus more on his passion for fitness and health. He has been working for the fitness industry for 10 years where he has made noticeable contributions. With his aspiring work, he has encouraged many people to adopt the fitness culture.

How It Started

The idea of OC was introduced in 2016 by Omer Chaudhary who believed that there was a lack of reliable and consistent information about health and fitness on the internet, and majority of the people in the fitness industry were more driven by financial gains or appearances as compared to good health. Along with his job, Omer worked hard every day for this project to come to life and as a result, Pakistan’s first fitness, health online shopping website, OC, was launched in 2019. He has gathered a small team for OC which shares the same mission and due to their collective hard work, strong determination and good intentions, OC is now acknowledged worldwide.

Our Goal

Omer believes in gimmick-free, research-based and impartial information. The only thing that he encourages is eating natural, whole foods, and working out for a strong and healthy body. As a business, we believe that people always come before profit. Our goal is to make health affairs achievable, affordable and approachable. We believe fitness should be available to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or access to a gym. That is why we offer hundreds of full-length workout videos, affordable and effective workout programs on the internet, meal plans, cheat plans and helpful information regarding health, nutrition and fitness.

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