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A ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that can help burn fat more effectively. This diet plan focus on weight loss while staying healthy. It’s a healthy combination of fats and protein with low carbs according to your body.


This Plan is most suitable for people with hectic life styles such as office routines where its hard to manage proper meals. Here we focus on providing suitable meal plans along with workout plans to keep healthy mind and body.


Shred Plans steps up the game to provide healthy  fit body with all muscle and minimum fat. The Meal and Workout plans are customized to help transform body towards  perfect fitness. It will help you in saving your muscle, while losing fat.


Bulk Plan will help you put on muscle size and gain heavy strength from guided workouts.  Perfect for slim people to gain muscle and healthy body. Customized meal plans to suit your preferences but perfect  for gaining muscle.


WHY CHOOSE OC OC is focused on moulding the workout techniques and diet plans according to the client and not the other way around. We have built our foundation around the fact that every single person we come in contact with is a different individual, different body, goals, hormones, social responsibilities, schedules, dietary history, and views on what “being fit” really means. That is why OC provides all its clients with customized training in order to satisfy them & achieve their goals.


We offer multiple fitness plans, workout plans with explanatory videos and affordable nutritional meal plans. These plans are further customized as per your body needs and suitability once you register. Our desire is to help you achieve your dream fitness with ease and for this, your dedicated coach along with his OC Team will be by your side, to guide you at every step and answer all your questions throughout the process.


Transforming your body comes from having a strategic plan, which is then followed by consistency and commitment that creates the finest results. Our mission is to provide means and motivation for all, without any boundaries. OC thrive to provide a platform that aims to break any hurdles that may come across while walking down the path to achieve a fit and healthy body.